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1 April 2008

Web 2.0 SaaS BPM

Now how’s that a high buzzword density title. I’m no fan of BPM tools, especially as the tend to be at the top of the food-chain in what vendors offer these days. That’s just another way of saying that it’s an area that is not yet commodity. Which in turn is yet another way of saying that it’s a complex and uncharted area. Here be dragons.

Therefore it was kind of refreshing seeing this little French startup which aims at building a BPM engine with a SaaS deployment model. From the demo, it’s all pretty basic at the moment, but I find the idea intriguing. If you put your CRM stuff in Salesforce, why not let someone else take care of executing your processes? Using its partnership model and an ever growing ecosystem of open web-based applications, a product like this can offer integrations that every company would otherwise have to arrange on their own. And nobody wants to do integrations. Really.

Will this be the one to succeed in this area? No clue, but I believe this is an area to watch in the near future.

tags: bpm - saas