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9 April 2008

ApacheCon Day 1

So, my first day at ApacheCon EU and my second day in Amsterdam. Last night was spent hunting down some amazingly good and hard-to-find Belgian beers. Turned out I stumbled on the perfect place for this very need.

Today started out at five o’clock, damn kids on establishing screwed up sleeping patterns. Anyways, that time of the day is good for writing code so I finished up some stuff for the demo I was going to do in my talk. Hotel breakfast was good, but it amazing how little you’re able to eat for €21. That game is skewed towards the dealer.

Next on the schedule, the key note which I didn’t listen to at all, even though I was in the room. Nerves beginning to make their moves.

After that was my talk. After the standardized initial technical screw-up (project cable not plugged in) it went okay. Not on my top 5 list but good enough not to kill myself off. Got some good questions and some interesting discussions during the rest of the day. Happy about that.

The rest of the day was spent at some of the sessions, Richard S Hall on Apache Felix and Erik Abele on load-balancing with Apache HTTPD fitted my current interests neatly. I continue to run into people I’ve only known from email conversations, which is pretty much my reason for going here in the first place.

Also, surprised at how fast I began missing the kids and wife. You spend every day with them and yet you can barely step on the plane before you realize you won’t be seeing them for a few days. Love is odd I guess.

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