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5 March 2009

FtpServer one oh

A few days back, we finally release the big 1.0 of Apache FtpServer. It’s been a long, sometimes slow, ride to get there, but we now have a pretty damn stable piece of software. So, if you happen to need an FTP server for your Java application, make sure to check it out. It supports several ways of integration, including a fully extensible API, so you can do some pretty clever things with it. And we got a friendly mailing list for helping you out if you get stuck.

If you’re already a user, we’re always looking for feedback on your experiences as well as testimonials. Feel free to contact us on the mailing list.

Of course, 1.0 is not the end of the line, we have some nice features being implemented for 1.1, including improved scalability for passive connections and a more powerful native file system.

tags: Apache - ftp - FtpServer