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21 July 2019

Moved to Github Pages

Finally decided to moved this largely deserted blog from my old hosting provider and a very poorly maintained Wordpress instance. This is now hosted on a simple Github Pages instance which greatly simplifies things for me. With the magic of Jekyll, URLs should work as before. There’s some broken resources, but I was too lazy to go through and fix them all.

This move also had the nice side-effect of enforcing HTTPS, as Github Pages comes with Let’s Encrypt integration built in.

To do the migration, I used this simple Docker image that does most of the heavy lifting. I know there are many different options to migrate from Wordpress, but a liked this one as it offered a great deal of flexibility and was easy to debug.

As part of this I also cleaned up a bunch of old stuff that was still around on this domain. Everything is still available here though.

Next up is simplifying my domain management and fully move off my hosting provider to remove some toil.

Next post coming up in another 8 years :)